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Pilkington is a Japanese-owned glass-manufacturing company which is based in Lathom, Lancashire, United Kingdom. In the UK it includes several legal entities and is a subsidiary of Japanese company NSG Group. Prior to its acquisition by NSG in 2006, it was an independent company listed on the London Stock Exchange and for a time was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

An unhappy former employee shares, "Constant job losses, higher management and HR [at Pilkington] couldn't careless about staff and are completely detached from production who they treat with contempt and will not use staff skills to protect their own positions in which they often under perform. No training of any value for the manufacturing staff. Management take care of themselves and get away with it....their probably aware the company won't last much longer do are milking it dry."


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Former Employee - Driver says

"managment treat you like they own you."

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"Toxic culture They say they want to change but don't put the effort to change. No diversity No professional growth No accountability No people development"

Salaried Professional says

"Lack of female promotions for salary positions . Non flexible work environment overall. No investment in technology for employees to use to do jobs. Everything controlled from the UK - major misalignment between UK and US leadership."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much better than starvation and homelessness."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. The conduct described would be in violation of the NSG Group Code of Ethics and would not be condoned if demonstrated to be accurate."

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"A detestable negative environment that neglects to treat their employees as human."

Warehouse Lead says

"No chance of advancement. No attention from higher ups."

Former Employee - Lamination Print Operator says

"Management was horrible. Did not treat employees equally."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poorly run, weakest management I have ever seen."

Cleaning says

"The temp agency I work for there's no way to get hard on permanent"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"You work 7 days a week. They tell you it’s easy to find people to cover for you, but you gotta hope your lead op likes the person you found to cover for you...otherwise they won’t allow that to happen. Kiss your home life goodbye, and your sanity too. I would NEVER recommend anybody to work thereNoneEvery thing"

Inspector/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Bad pay no family life closes lines down probably not going to be there much longer not a place to try to go full time and retire from. Poor communication"

Dock Worker (Current Employee) says

"Not paid enough and hours are horrible always shorthanded supervisors have no idea of what there doing just a mess most of the time it's a job but not a good oneNoneAlot"

operator produkcji (Current Employee) says

"Brak możliwości rozwoju, fatalne warunki pracy, upały, nieprzyjazna, a wręcz wroga atmosferazarobki nieadekwatne do wykonywanej pracy, trudne warunki, nieprzyjazna atmosfera"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management the likes of which most would believe I'm exaggerating. I assure you I'm not. The disorganization is visable to every employee at Pilkington. The production planning is non existent and lacks common sense planning. Common sense is also rare to find in this facility. The managements lack of people skills is more of a personal matter that I don't need to elaborate on especially if you've worked here at any point. In regards to the production planning; in the 3 months working in the assembly room I had one 12 hour shift were we actually worked the entire scheduled shift. The rest of those days were riddled with stops and hour long shut downs due to lack of material (having enough product/materials to run should be a common sense planning question) Yes the glass factory regularly runs out of glass. The eployees suffer for these poor management skills by being bounced around the plant to places they are unfamiliar with, untrained and or uneeded. Your schedule regularly changes to fill scheduling gaps without notice due to the the high employee turnover. Employees regularly smoke recreational drugs on breaks and bring alcohol to work. Temps are treated like lesser forms of life because they do not yet have the union on their side despite the fact they pay union fees (not optional) terrible pay rates with very little chance for growth. You are better off working at Tim Hortons as you start at $15 per hour regardless of your qualifications. Do not work here no matter how much you might need a job. It's not worth it. Unless your self worth is non existent.Paid breaksLong hours, poor management, no job security, high employee turnover"

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for terrible work - life balance, this company is it. The Collingwood factory is managed by misfits right from GM to Production Manager, back stabbing and don't care about anyone but themselves.Nice community and area.Management"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Originally loved working for this company. Upper management assigned new guy to Ind. - Ohio areas. Self serving individual with a NAPOLEON ATTITUDE ! Made everyone turn into a bunch of back stabbing ME people. Supervisors will tell you one thing and do another, and if it turns out to be wrong they will do there best to try and make it look like someone Else's fault. VERY poor leader ship which leads to VERY !!!! Bad morale. All management from top down has the mentality or lack there of, to yell at the ice burg when they should be manning the life boats.bad people, bad atitudes, lack of character, no morale compass."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pilkington seems to be a decent company, but the Shelbyville facility management was the worst in 20 years experience as professional in manufacturing. There was no regard to family life, and expected you to be married to your job. It is a 24/7 operation and very demanding. It is raw glass CNC cut and grind, so there is higher safety risk. Several summers back, an electrician was killed working on equipment as it wasn't properly locked out (management always demanded to get equipment fixed quickly), and during investigation OSHA fined the plant lots (can never make up for a lost life). WORST PLACE EVER"

no title (Former Employee) says

"Start off by paying higher wages, a dollar above minimum wage for working 12 hour shifts doesn't cut it in the world we live in. secondly, working weekends should be additional compensation, and last but most importantly all new hires are employed through a temp agency which avoids any issues of obligation directly with Pilkington ,this way they can put you on temporary layoff, what about the people who have to feed their families.This company has the worst reputation of really not caring about work culture, nor local people who support them.I have worked for them previously for 3 months, 60 people were let go 2 years later I figured I would give it another shot because they were hiring and maybe things have changed with their culture. But absolutely not! I was put on a temporary layoff due to GM being on strike.I 'll explain that to the power company and Telephone company etc!!! what a joke this place really is."


"First 5 years were great even with 5 different plant managers, 7 different engineers coming and going, 6 HR managers, and 6 maintenance managers. Then a new crew of upper management came in and everything went downhill from there.employees are coolSafety manager doesn't know his job"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I began at Pilkington thinking it would be a great experience to gain experience in an industrial trade. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Human Resources department did not take into account my superior management skills when placing me, and I was to find out later why. Management was already hard wired into people who were reluctant to grow from their position and even more reluctant to do the job that they had. I observed that this obstructive form of management began at the top and filtered down to the shift coordinators. Very hard lined people who refuse to do any more than is required of their job, if that. Less than helpful environment.Shifts were only eight hours, benefits were niceTo numerous to list"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you are not knowledgeable in plc and electrical systems and electrical troubleshooting do not apply for this job because they will not take the time to train you."

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Most of the people hired on will get fired or just leave within the first week. The management there will find any loopholes in the system to screw employees so the union cant do much to help you. the building is extremely hot in the summer and often people will forget to relieve you so you wont get a bathroom break for up to 4 hours. If you do leave you will get in trouble. God forbid you get on one of the managers bad sides because they will put you on the shift you least like and send you to the hottest, most labor intensive areas of the factory out of spite, and it doesn't take much to anger them. I have seen good hard workers go and crackheads stay. The company several years ago nearly went under. This is no place to build a career"

Spare Parts Specialist Buyer (Former Employee) says

"This company has very high turn over. They tell the customers they are doing one thing and then do another internally. I worked there for 3 years and there were 5 different plant managers. I had 5 different direct report managers in the same time frame. No stability.flexiable with doctors appts. for salary workersexpect you to be available 24-7"

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I only worked for 4 days and I was let go because the employment agency told them " I was not a good fit". whoever made that decision obviously never saw how I worked or the people who worked with me. The first line supervisor never had to question my work and my co-workers always had nothing but positive things to say about me; I was never late for work, kept up with production, a good team player & always came back from break on time. So, how they came to their decision, remains a mystery.Good benefits, paid breaksManagement/Worker relations"

Delivery Driver/ Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"You get in early and get out early 6 days a week.The staff was great and the work was so current you would never get bored.get off early.you have to be there very early on 1st shift."

Back up lead (Current Employee) says

"The upper management team are unfair, undereducated, have no concern with your family needs but only to certain ones, and they never do as they promise."

Quality Glass Technician (Current Employee) says

"N/A Pilkington is a company where people run over others and intimidate other people into accomplishing things for themselves."

imp.addetta della qualita' (Former Employee) says

"azienda positiva persone gradevoli e no molti raccomandatibuoni pasti pause giuste ambiente buonotanti raccomandati"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Shutting down cells and not giving people new positions but hiring new people in. Gives false hope for job security. They dont really show appreciation for their employees. All the major benefits only come once your hired in. They'll only care about themselves. Your free days off come back to hurt you if you use to many. They also change their policies often."

Steve says

"Despite assurances from them, they violated my home whilst we were away. Small things gone missing, cupboards messed with. The damage they have caused in my home whilst employed to replace floorboards is going to cost me over £400.00 to put right, & that is what we have found so far. IF you wish to pay FULL price for work who cannot give you an exact breakdown of Costs without making the price fit the Bill? - then this company would suit you to a "T". Our confidence has been shattered by this company & only for the fact that the Police have more "Important" cases to carry on with, they would be expecting a visit from them. It must be said that they did previous work for us which was of a good standard, which in turn helped cement our trust in them. However, never again will I put any trust in any contracting company."

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